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Job Description

About the company

We are a startup that delivers food, snacks and other goods with autonomous drones. The company was founded in 2017 by a leading expert on drone legislation and a successful e-commerce entrepreneur. The vice presidency of Innovation of the swiss federal intitute of technology (epfl) also supported the company during this founding period.

We believe that autonomous delivery vehicles like sidewalk robots, self-driving cars and drones will have a huge impact on the way we buy things.

People love to buy things online already, but if the delivery were free, and 100 times faster, people would like it even more. That’s why we are developing our autonomous delivery drones.

We are based in Lausanne switzerland, with some employees working remotely from other countries. This is one of those jobs where we are hiring remotely.

About this remote-job

You will develop the Neural nets required for autonomous drone navigation to the customers. You will work on 3 different neural networks:

- One network that localizes the customer

-One network that controls the drone during the delivery process

-One network that detects and avoids obstacles in the path of the drone

For the first network there is a dataset available, it is a traditional classification problem. For the other two you will train the network in a simulator. You will work with our 3d game developer who is creating a simulated environment where your neural network can learn to navigate a drone. This learning process will be done using different training methods like behavioural coning, reinforcement learning and others.

As mentioned previously, this is a full time remote job. Potentially we might fly you to lausanne switzerland and host you here for the first 1-3 weeks to get to know the team and the job, but then you will work remotely. We encourage our remote employees to sign up at a coworking community, but that is up to you. We would prefer to hire someone in a country with a low cost of living, like southern asia, eastern europe, north africa, or latin america. This would make it possible to agree on a salary that both parties are very happy with.


-Highly knowledgeable about machine learning and neural networks. Both practical and theoretical.

-Experienced with the common network architectures and training methods like regularization techniques, transfer learning, RNNs etc.

-Experience with image processing and convolutional networks

-You have to be excited about this project and machine learning in general: The job will involve a lot of trial and error, and difficult problems. That’s why we need someone who is excited about the project, someone who can do self directed research and experimentation.

-Understanding of traditional computer programming is helpful

To apply, send us your CV to this email address: [email protected], in PDF format please.

Salary Range

~ 30000 USD

Posted 4 months, 3 weeks ago

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